Thursday, 31 January 2013

Group Assignment

nCreate a name and tagline for YOUR company. (Try
Include how are you going to build your company BRAND

Names should be:
nShort (2 syllables are ideal)
nEasy to Pronounce
nWorks in the English Languauge
nNo Acronyms
nLanguage Neutral

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Monday, 21 January 2013

Hi class 2-04,

Well done for those who have complete their first and second blog assignment.

There is still a handfull of you that have not even accepted the invitation.

Please remind them to accept and also post their assignment. (I&E Rep!)

Ng Keen Yung_Brand

Service: (physical) cleaning of computer & fixing computer issues.
Company: Cleaning Service
Tagline: Never get dusty computers again!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Company Tagline

Product: Home theatre system
Company name: Nimodef
Tagline: Your house will never be quiet!


Brand: Music revolution
Tagline: Music together as one
Product: Musical instruments (Guitars, pianos....)


Brand: Taggies

Tagline: Mama of Tags

Products: Tags, for any purpose (labeling of office ware, cabinets, sports equipment, luggages etc. )

Brand and Tagline Assignment

Product: Computers/Laptop
Brand name: Pinpoint Systems
Tagline: Precision and perfection


Brand: Xplosion

Tagline: Blows you alway

Product: Modified  Dynamite

by Chiam Chuen

Dah Tagline

Product: Uranium fuel rods
Brand name: Energ-i
Tagline: Powering the future

Goh Qian Zhe's brand

Brand Name: The Flying Thing
Product: TFT 145 - a Supersonic Plane like the Concorde but very low fuel consumption.
Tagline: Around the world instantly.

Name : Goh Qian Zhe, S2-04


Brand Name:Commercial Aeroplanes

Tagline:Your Home in the sky

Aeroplane Name:Eagle air

Company_Chi Han

Name of Company: Music's Playground
Tagline: Music, the universal language
Product: Musical Instruments/ music players


Name: Liaw Xiao Tao (15)
Company name: Evo-Tech
Product: Hardware parts for computing machines.
Tagline: Technology Reinvented


Product : Headsets/Speakers, with some other Computer Peripherals(Mice, Keyboards, Thumbdrives etc.)
Company Name : Soundex
Tagline : The Sound of Excellence


Brand Name: UltraFly

Product: A Revolutionized shoe that has all of the best things that are need on the soccer pitch. Extra padding for control, extra friction grip material to hit the ball or to curl it. Light materials which are green and lightweight which allows people to run faster. Studs are minimized and uses newest stud tech. A light and flexible sprint fram which is made of light fibre to allow maximum flexibility and speed.

Tagline: Faster than light


Name: Messiah
Tagline: 1)The legend of a century, at this moment..... 2) Achieve the impossible, do the legendary
Description: Feel you potential ready to explode at your fingertips. It is not because you can't, it is because you never felt the perfect tool. Try Messiah, because we are deliverance for you.....
Product: Selling sportswear for the average sportsman to unleash their potential to the fullest.

My company,tagline and product

Tagline:Best friend for a student

Done by:Arjun Appavoo(9)

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Branding Stuff

Pick a brand and give reasons why you would choose this brand over others in the same industry.