Thursday, 25 April 2013

Link to 4th P - Promotion Slides

Hi Class,

This is the link to the Promotion slides. Please find your task in the slides as well.

Thank you.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

3rd P of Marketing - Place

Account and justify your Place strategy - WHY did you choose your PLACE?

  1. Market Segmentation
  2. Visibility and Convenience
  3. Herding Effect
  4. Allocated area/location

Exclusive, Intensive, selective distribution?

Transport, Warehousing, order processing (B2B)?

2nd P of Marketing - Price

Account and justify your pricing strategy according to the 4 main factors of Pricing:  

  1. Customer (what do they want)
  2. Costs (fixed, variable, etc)
  3. Competition (same, higher or lower?)
  4. Corporate Objectives (profit making, non-profit?)
Pricing Techniques

ìCost-plus pricing: Profit = Price – Cost (Bottom-line)
ìGoing-rate pricing: “Follow the competitor”
ìMarket Skimming: “Start high”
ìMarket Penetration: “Start Low”
ìOdd and Even Pricing: Using Psychology

Thursday, 11 April 2013


In your business report,
ìWork on the “Product” component of Marketing Strategies.
ìInclude the Tangible and Intangible features of your product.
ìAnatomy of your product.
ìClassify your product.

A product consists of 2 components
ìTangible factorsìQuality, color, texture
ìIntangible factors
ìEnhance “product offering”
ìBranding, customer care, warranty

Anatomy of product
ìThe Core ProductìCar = transport
ìThe Tangible Productì physical/ unique features
ìThe Augmented Productìadded value
ìThe Future ProductìLT d/d

B2C market
ìConvenience Goods (routine)
ìShopping Goods (some risk)
ìSpecialty Goods (great risk)
ìUnsought Goods (“forced to buy”)