Thursday, 11 April 2013


In your business report,
ìWork on the “Product” component of Marketing Strategies.
ìInclude the Tangible and Intangible features of your product.
ìAnatomy of your product.
ìClassify your product.

A product consists of 2 components
ìTangible factorsìQuality, color, texture
ìIntangible factors
ìEnhance “product offering”
ìBranding, customer care, warranty

Anatomy of product
ìThe Core ProductìCar = transport
ìThe Tangible Productì physical/ unique features
ìThe Augmented Productìadded value
ìThe Future ProductìLT d/d

B2C market
ìConvenience Goods (routine)
ìShopping Goods (some risk)
ìSpecialty Goods (great risk)
ìUnsought Goods (“forced to buy”)

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